# Introduction

This is a plugin that automatically generates a sidebar for vuepress.

If you just write a simple page, just use the native sidebar (opens new window) will be enough. But if you want to use vuepress to record a lot of things, such as: 飞跃高山与大洋的鱼的笔记 (opens new window), then you can try the plugin.

Due to my poor English, when you confused about the documentation, you can create an issue (opens new window).

# Install

npm i vuepress-plugin-auto-sidebar -D

# Usage

Attention, do not put plugins in the themeConfig, how to use plugins (opens new window)

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    ["vuepress-plugin-auto-sidebar", {
      // options

You can see more plugin options.

# 1. Simple Navbar

We have extended vuepress cli to help you quickly generate a simple navigation bar, how to use it.

vuepress nav docs